Favorite Varieties


Gala apples are a beautiful combination of red, orange, and yellow. Eaten fresh or added to a recipe, Gala apples offer a sweet, crisp taste to be enjoyed by everyone.

Available: Starting late August


Jonathan apples are one of the first varieties available each harvest season. They are typically eaten as a fresh apple or used in baking. Johnathans are deliciously tart and balanced with a wonderful sweetness. They are a deep red color with yellow highlights.

Available: Starting early September


What do you get when you cross a Jonathan with a Golden Delicious? A Jonagold apple with exceptional flavor! The Jonagold is a sweet and slightly tart apple with a bright red and gold color. They are great for eating as a snack, added to salads, or used in apple recipes.

Available: Starting early to mid-September

Red Delicious

The Red Delicious is the world’s favorite fresh apple. The mild, sweet flavor and deep red color of the traditional Red Delicious make them a favorite fresh eating apple. They can also be enjoyed with caramel dip, or add them to a salad.

Available: Starting early to mid-September

Golden Delicious

The colorful, sweet Golden Delicious is a versatile apple that can be used successfully in almost any capacity–ornamental to cooking. The yellow color and white flesh gives applesauce a nearly perfect white color. The Golden Delicious can also be eaten fresh.

Available: Starting early to mid-September


The Honeycrisp has a honeyed, mild flavor and an explosive crispness. The skin is a distinctive mottled red with yellow background. They are good for snacking, salads, and sauce making. Honeycrisps also store well.

Available: Starting September


The firmer texture of Romes has made it a popular baking apple. Peeling is easy with their uniform round shape. Romes are ideal for pies, applesauce, and freezing. Their slightly tart flavor makes them a great fresh eating apple as well.

Available: Starting late September


The firm, sweet flavor of the Fuji makes this an apple of distinction. The Fuji’s color ranges from greenish-yellow with red highlights to full red. This is an excellent storage apple when properly refrigerated.  

Available: Starting early October


Braeburns range in color from greenish-yellow with red highlights to solid red. The firm, crisp flavor of the Braeburn combines tartness and sweetness for an enjoyable snacking apple.

Available: Starting early October

Granny Smith

The tangy, fresh flavor of the Granny Smith lends itself for many uses. Tossed in a salad, baked in a pie, or eaten fresh, the Granny Smith with its touch of pink blush can’t be beaten.

Available: Starting mid-October

Pink Lady

A cross between a Golden Delicious and Lady Williams, the crunchy Pink Lady has a unique sweet-tart flavor that has been described as “Gala with a Zing”. They are great for snacking, dicing on a salad, or baking.

Available: Starting mid-October

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